Baron Law Saves Florida Residents From Losing thier Homes

Lloyd Baron worked for my Mom as she was in financial difficulty when the market exploded as my Mom is a realtor and we nearly lost our home. My Mom was referred by another friend who had used Lloyd and he worked for my Mom for 5 years thru her bankruptcy and modified her mortgage so we just got to keep our Home and my Mom has just been discharged from her Bankruptcy, I think my Mom would have been heartbroken and we would have lost our home if it wasn’t for LLoyd Baron, Thank you so much, Max

My goal is to assist people at a very difficult time in their lives and help them get back on their feet.  Going through the process of bankruptcy is sometimes necessary as a last resort.  My assistant Lisa and I pride ourselves in assisting people get through the process while maintaining their dignity.  My goal is also to educate individuals as to their legal options and the positives and negatives of each option as it relates to retaining their home while faced with foreclosure and managing or discharging their dischargeable debts.

“For 30 years, Coral Springs, Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Lloyd Baron P.A. has helped residents of Florida struggling with debt to get back on their feet with dignity, respect, and compassion.”

Honesty. Integrity. Competency. These are the values and service you can expect from the Law Offices of Lloyd A. Baron P.A. Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision and when doing so, it is wise to seek the help of a legal professional who can guide you towards the best possible result. For 30 years, Lloyd has helped people struggling with debt get back on their feet with dignity, respect, and compassion.

As a dedicated bankruptcy lawyer, Attorney Lloyd A. Baron, is passionate about providing the highest quality of representation and legal counsel for every client. With over 30 years of legal practice, Attorney Baron is adept at handling all phases of the bankruptcy process.

Attorney Baron is also a published author and a respected paralegal educator.

Law Offices of Attorney Lloyd A. Baron, P.A is located in Coral Springs, Florida.  Our firm specializes in bankruptcy, foreclosures, mortgage modification and all credit related matters.

Attorney Baron was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1990; is a member of the Federal Bar in the Southern District of Florida and is authorized to practice law in Connecticut and New York, as well.